Refund Policy

We at or want every Customer to be satisfied with their purchase of any of our products.

Incase of  any questions or problems faced relating to the purchase or use of any product, please let us know by contacting our support team directly. –

Refunds will be provided only upto 6 days following the date of purchase with no exceptions subject to following conditions: 

Any user opting for a payment plan, must complete all payments in the plan, no cancellation shall be permitted partway through the payment plan.

 All refunds are discretionary. In case of prompt refund request post attendance of the workshop (pdfs, audios, videos, and/or etc)we reserve the right to deny the refund request.

If the payment plan is not completed on time, it shall be pursued it with a collection agency until the entire payment plan is completed. Additional fees and fines may apply.

Furthermore, if it is evident that the homework/ tasks are incomplete or that the strategies taught in the course have not been implemented, the refund will be denied. However, we will still provide health and support in order to get required results.

This refund policy does not cover paypal’s buyers assurance. Users are requested to reach us first prior to escalating to paypal to ensure we can provide required aid and service in the most ideal manner conceivable. In the event that a refund request is denied (for the reasons expressed above),movement and refund to PayPal will likewise be denied and rights to paypal’s buyers assurance will be forgone. Extra expenses and fines may apply in this situation.

Purchasing, downloading or viewing any of our products implies agreement with our Terms of Service

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